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What Could Happen if You Are Found Guilty of a Crime?

Two options generally exist for those who are accused of committing a crime. They might plead guilty at their arraignment, in which case the person will then have a criminal record and be sentenced according to the guidelines for the crime they’ve committed. They could also plead not-guilty and go through a trial. If they are found guilty, they will have a criminal record and be sentenced as well.

Legal Repercussions for a Conviction

The legal repercussions after a conviction vary by what the accused was charged with. Minor crimes may include short times in jail, fines, or community service. Serious crimes could include a significant amount of time in jail as well as other penalties. The person will receive their sentence after pleading guilty or being found guilty during a trial. They must complete the sentence to avoid further legal issues.

Non-Legal Repercussions for a Conviction

After someone is convicted, they will have a criminal record. Even a misdemeanor conviction could make it more difficult for them to find a job or a place to live. A felony conviction could lead to the loss of some of their rights as well, such as the ability to vote or the ability to own a firearm. Depending on the situation, the non-legal repercussions could be quite severe and could last as long as the conviction is on their record.

Getting Away From the Non-Legal Repercussions

Even if a person is found guilty or pleads guilty, once they have completed their sentence, they might be able to have the conviction erased from their records. This is called expungement, and it is applicable to a large number of people. The person cannot have committed a violent crime and must have completed their sentence before they can apply. It’s typically a good idea for the person to speak with a lawyer before they attempt this to ensure they are eligible and to ensure everything is done properly to give them the highest chance of being approved.

If you have a criminal record because you plead guilty or were found guilty during a trial, you will want to see if you can have your record expunged. This could help you eliminate most or all of the non-legal repercussions for the conviction, provided you have completed any sentence. Visit to learn more about expungement and to find a lawyer ready to help.